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Our Vision

Behind the work that goes into the film production and video of Icon Film|Video is a study of art, art history, and the conventions of visual communication. We use art to generate business solutions.

Making The Movie

To make a difference with content, we connect entertainment and storytelling with branded messages. Each project is a movie in its own right because our team of filmmakers use cinematic conventions for crafting each piece. Our background includes independent film production in narrative and documentary with film festival clout to many of our own projects.

With the pre-production, we are developing a screenplay that will tell the story the client has in mind. For production, professional lighting equipment and set-ups work in conjunction with camera techniques to capture each image. During post-production, our editing style pulls from film theory and we finalize each video with sound design and color correction.

This cinematic process enables our projects – at each budget – to stand the test of time. We understand that each story will carry with it its own style and its own voice. We work closely with our clients so that we can produce an entertaining, branded message that endures in the memory of its audience.

Collaboration + Communication

Our clients are collaborators. Collaboration is about being open to the creative process and using imagination to fill in the pieces as we progress. Collaboration allows for understanding the actual video production workflow so clients are educated about how their content is being produced. This enables both sides to win. Transparency allows us to ensure client satisfaction.

We check-in with the production process each step of the way. With the concept, we look for feedback to craft the best story and story structure. Our creative direction takes into account color palettes, editing tempo, music, and filming style.

We first establish a creative direction and budget parameters. Through candid communication, we are able to generate effective content. This process enables our team to work to our best and showcases our commitment to premium motion-picture projects. Along the way, we continually refine and build momentum for the piece. We are mindful of our client’s time and budget; therefore, collaboration ensures clarity in the creative direction.


Results matter. Our primarily objective with what we do is to generate results for our clients. We take our time in planning and execution, develop a unique video production workflow and schedule, and we design each project with the intent to generate a strong impact. We seek to bring to life the intent of each of our client through working each part of the production process to optimize the result.

Emotional appeal is key to effective communication, which is why we strive to develop a strong collaborative environment with each client and each project. Through developing a strong rapport and evaluating the objective with budgetary parameter, we get strong results. Crafting a piece that resonates with an audience is done through implementing the cinematic techniques and film background of our team and creative directors.

Whether increasing online traffic is key, shifting a brand identity, or generating attention for a new event, we craft a storyline and end-product with a call to action in mind. Our premium video content connects with its audience to inspire action.

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About Us

Icon Film|Video is a motion-picture production company.

We specialize in producing dynamic online content.

Our approach is to tailor motion-picture iconography to client brands.

Work ranges from large international brands to local non-profits. Icon Film|Video is run by Diego Rodriguez, who is an award-winning filmmaker. He mobilizes his team of artisans to create memorable art.

Products and services range from online streaming, research video editing,  traditional commercial, and short form documentary content.  

The style is characterized by strong cinematography and clear narrative arcs. 


Meet our TEAM -
a diverse collective of
creative professionals
each with a
specific passion

Our Team

Diego Rodriguez

Creative Director | Producer

Diego is a bilingual filmmaker with a Los Angeles-based talent management background. Diego channels his big imagination to craft visual narrative arcs for his clients. He translates brand missions into the motion-picture space through cinematic conventions and art history.


Drai Lloyd

Director | Cinematographer

An independent film director with formal training in visual arts, Drai is a consummate visual storyteller. Her work unearth’s the subject’s state of being and draws from a rich understanding of art history and theory.

Vadim Elkin

Cinematographer | Editor

A graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, Vadim is a long time film enthusiast. His work spans content creation for businesses, covering the Vail International Film Festival, and independent film production. Vadim takes a practical, fluid approach.

Roman Martinez

Storyboard Illustrator | Director

LA-based, Roman is an accomplished illustrator with a strong, high contrast aesthetic he brings to his illustrations and video projects. He provides a visual rhythm to his work and uses visual motifs enhance messaging with dramatic impact.

Miguel Hernandez

Director | Editor

Miguel is a dynamic film production force. A charismatic problem solver, he tackles on-set production problems and addresses post-production workflows with a veteran mentality. Miguel makes projects a fun ride – whether en Español o Inglés.

Ashley Johnson

Interactive Art Director | Designer

With a degree in film production and visual communications, Ashley specializes in motion graphics, entertainment branding, and design.  Her work can be seen at Elfpig.com and ShapingArt.com.


Film|Video Production

We offer full film and video production from start to finish. This includes concept development to post-production and delivery.  We use industry-leading equipment.


Dedicated to delivering client-satisfactory results, we package projects with professional video editing, sound mixing, color grading and motion-graphics. We value impact and longevity.


Videography entails event coverage or event documentation and editing together a highlight video or selecting key sections of an event. We offer bilingual videography services for corporations and non-profits.

Motion Graphics

For communicating strong visual statements effectively, we create custom motion-graphics and motion-graphics packages using our network of industry-veteran motion graphics artists.


Creating strong narratives in moving or still images is made possible through an understanding of how the two arts interconnect. Our photography signature is precision to client needs.

Production Coordinating

Pre-production includes the planning, scheduling, and initial concept development. We serve coordinating on large-scale commercial union productions.

"Words are only painted fire, a look is the fire itself."
- Mark Twain


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Creative Director – Diego Rodriguez – Wins Filmmaker of Year Award – Denver, holds Exhibition Show in Los Angeles

Our creative director, Diego Rodriguez, was awarded Filmmaker of the Year – Denver – 2012 – and this last week he had his exhibition show in Los Angeles, at Los Globos venue in Silverlake through the RAW Artist program. Los Angles is a gorgeous city! He was highlighted in 303 Magazine regarding his win in 2012. […]

June 13, 2014

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CURRENTLY INSTALLING A NEW WEBSITE. Visit our vimeo page as we move toward finalizing changes. https://vimeo.com/channels/iconfilmvideo

February 4, 2014

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