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Our Vision

Behind the work that goes into the film production and video of Icon Film|Video is a study of art, art history, and the conventions of visual communication. We use art to generate business solutions.


Functionality is the first step to delivering a quality motion-picture product.To connect with an audience, understanding the aesthetic, the context, and the resources that are available are critical. Using lighting aesthetics to encode the message within the work, appropriate editing styles, color palette, and being sensitive to what the final goal is of the production.

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Icon Film|Video is a motion-picture production agency. We generate motion-picture iconography unique to our clients.

Our products and services are characterized by compelling imagery and captivating narratives. Applications include video branding, culture videos, event videography, commercial production, providing training and educational videos. Our signature is high craftsmanship, premiere quality, client satisfaction.

Icon Film|Video is designed to serve ad agencies as video solutions partner and clients seeking an online presence through thoughtful motion-pictures. Our services cater to the development, production, and delivery process. We strive to produce products that generate long-term businesses growth, enhance visibility, and inspire brand loyalty. Through Icon Film|Video, clients make a personal connection with their audience.

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Diego Rodriguez

Creative Director | Producer

Diego is a bilingual filmmaker with a performance arts background. Diego loves to create. His work brings to life a big imagination rich in cinema and art history. As creative director, Diego tailors a poignant imagery and narrative filmmaking techniques to fulfill client needs.


Benjamin Garst

Director | Director of Photography

Able to create stuff that simply rocks, Ben is a dedicated craftsman. He’s travelled the nation on assignment meanwhile cultivating a wicked sense of humor. As director, Ben enhances original client concepts and fosters quick rapport.


Vadim Elkin

Cinematographer | Editor



Post-production entails video-editing, managing media, motion-graphics, and audio work as well as exporting and finalizing the project for delivery.


Production entails physical production on-site, from interviews, to scripted content, shots of action, also known as b-roll.


Pre-production is a key part of a successful motion-picture project.


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CURRENTLY INSTALLING A NEW WEBSITE. Visit our vimeo page as we move toward finalizing changes. https://vimeo.com/channels/iconfilmvideo

February 4, 2014

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