Creative Director – Diego Rodriguez – Wins Filmmaker of Year Award – Denver, holds Exhibition Show in Los Angeles

June 13, 2014


Our creative director, Diego Rodriguez, was awarded Filmmaker of the Year – Denver – 2012 – and this last week he had his exhibition show in Los Angeles, at Los Globos venue in Silverlake through the RAW Artist program. Los Angles is a gorgeous city!


He was highlighted in 303 Magazine regarding his win in 2012. Although time has passed since his win, due to different projects, it was only recently that he was able to book, and make the exhibition show happen. RAW Artist is an international organization aimed at highlighting and empowering underground artists. Creatives in fashion, painting, photography, performance, and of course film are all featured. The program began in Los Angeles with the founder being a fashion designer herself.

Winners of the RAW Artist program in their city have the opportunity of holding an complimentary exhibition show through RAW Artist through any one of their sites. Because Diego previously lived and worked in Los Angeles, making the trip to Cali made sense.


Diego had a successful exhibition show and premiered a demo reel cut for this presentation for the audience. The show includes other artists as well, ranging different disciplines, and filmmaker artists showcase their work on large screens in front of the attendees.

The reel Diego showed covers his comprehensive body of work, which includes acting, editing, producing, directing, cinematography and camera work on number of different projects. This range is rare in an industry where specialization is more common. One of Diego’s unique characteristics is his ability to use a knowledge base in one field and transfer it within another visual medium.

photo by Kimberly Yatsko

photo by Kimberly Yatsko

The selection tells a short story of how Diego came to become a working professional in cinema. There was a positive response and he had friends from Colorado able to join him as well as Los Angeles based contacts also attend.


Diego with film friends – photo by Kimberly Yatsko

Diego’s broad interests culminate in cinema. Diego has had a lifelong interest in acting, which prompted his formal education in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing/Directing for Film, Television & Theater. Diego has used this foundation of motion-picture production to work on national broadcast work and independent film. During his work in Los Angeles, Diego worked in casting and talent management at a boutique shop based in mid-Wilshire. The experience was formative and served as a stepping stone into the business of media production.

photo by Kimberly Yatsko

In addition to serving Icon Film|Video with directing present projects, he produces independent films. The present feature-length documentary film he is work on, Torn Cloth, is presently in post-production. Torn Cloth follows a group of orphan children who learn to fight professionally get out of our poverty. The film has secured a theatrical distribution deal.


We’re excited to celebrate his success! His week long trip in Los Angeles was exciting, fruitful and rejuvenating. Although Icon Film|Video is based in Denver, working within both markets, and beyond, is our long-term intention. Our goal is continuously to offer premium quality for online platforms. Using entertainment to enhance brands and connect with audiences is key to our business. We strive to use a strong visual convention set to propel our client’s message forward.

Due to being in Los Angeles, Diego used the opportunity to enjoy the travel to network and experience the gorgeous weather and scenic views. His photos document the beautiful moments he captured.




We’re happy to have him back!